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Northern Soul Amsterdam

Northern Soul Amsterdam badge 2019


Northern Soul Amsterdam flyer gallery

Northern Soul Amsterdam flyers 2019

Amsterdam Rare Soul Weekender record flyer December 2019 The 3rd Amsterdam Rare Soul Weekender 13th-14th December 2019

Amsterdam Rare Soul Weekender 2019

Northern Soul Amsterdam October 2019 at Cafe Batavia Northern Soul Amsterdam September 2019 with Dave and Lynne Girdwood

October 2019: open deck night
September 2019: with special guest DJs Dave and Lynne Girdwood.

Northern Soul Amsterdam June 2019

June 2019: with special guest DJs Big Boss Man and Billy 'T' Soul.
Northern Soul Amsterdam special guests for May 2019 - DJs Miss Twist and Minka.

March 2019: guest DJ Andrew Gillespie.
Flyer for Amsterdam soul club events in 2019.

Northern Soul Amsterdam flyers 2018

December 2018: the 2nd Amsterdam Rare Soul Weekender.
October 2018: with resident DJs Pete45 & Loma Russ.

September 2018: guest DJs Keith Fletcher & Jos (Amsterdam Soul Club).
June 2018: guest DJs Billy Millar & Big Boss Man.

May 2017: guest DJs Dave & Lynne Girdwood.
April 2018: guest DJs Marc Forrest (Hip City Soul Club, Berlin) & Jos from the Amsterdam Soul Club.

March 2018: guest DJ Billy Millar.
February 2018: guest DJs Taco Fett & Bart Fader.

Northern Soul Amsterdam flyers 2017

December 2017: the 1st Northern Soul Amsterdam Rare Soul Weekender.
November 2017: Belgium meets Amsterdam soul special.

October 2017: guest DJs Leo Mastropierro & Fabio Conti.
September 2017: guest DJs Dave & Lynne Girdwood and Steve Johnson.

June 2017: guest DJs Gerd Baum & Andreas Beraha.
May 2017: guest DJ Pete Lyster.

April 2017: with resident DJs Pete45 & Loma Russ.
March 2017: guest DJs Pete Robinson & Colin Brown.

February 2017: guest DJs Helen & Jan from Amsterdam Soulful, and Pallino.
January 2017: guest DJ Big Boss Man.

Northern Soul Amsterdam flyers 2015-2016

December 2016: Northern Soul Amsterdam's 1st anniversary with guest DJ Alberto Folpower.

November 2016: guest DJ Steven Ashbolt.
October 2016: guest DJ Leo Mastropierro.

September 2016: guest DJs Pete Lyster and Dave & Lynne Girdwood.
June 2016: guest DJ Sven Becker.

May 2016: guest DJ Flavio Bacardi.
April 2016: guest DJ Frank Dietz.

March 2016: guest DJs Dave & Lynne Girdwood.
February 2016: guest DJ Hans Diepstraten.

January 2016: guest DJ Soulfinger.
December 2015: Northern Soul Amsterdam launch event at Café Batavia with hosts and resident DJs Pete45 & Loma Russ.

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