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Northern Soul Amsterdam DJ Profile - Loma Russ

Loma Russ was first smitten with Northern Soul in the early 1980s as a young 2nd generation Mod living in Maidstone, Kent. He attended many local soul nights in the south east of England, and was a regular at Bogarts in Strood (run by record dealer Graham Sage and Detroit soul aficionado and author Keith Rylatt, and featuring soulstress Jo Wallace as resident DJ). Russ swiftly developed a passion for the Northern Soul style of dancing and all the energetic acrobatics that went with it. Many years later Graham Sage would recall fondly that Russ was "the best dancer Bogarts ever had!" (Thanks, Graham!) Russ soon progressed to allnighters with his initiation into this dusk-til-dawn world of rare soul music coming at Hinckley in 1983 where he saw legendary Detroit soul singer JJ Barnes perform live on stage.

Northern Soul Amsterdam DJ Loma Russ

Soon after, Russ started travelling from Maidstone to London to attend the 6ts Northern Soul allnighters at the 100 Club on Oxford Street. He moved to that fair city in 1984, after which he was a regular at the 100 Club and countless soul nights across the capital during what was a vibrant and thriving time for the rare soul scene.

Always to be found on a corner of the dance floor at the 100 Club Northern Soul nighters, Russ was given the tag of "vicious punter" by Keb Darge. Initially unsure what the acrobatic, martial artist DJ meant, Keb explained to Russ that he used the expression to describe people he thought were hardcore punters – the ones who danced all night to anything and everything regardless of whether they'd heard the tunes before or not.

Many allnighters and other Northern Soul events outside of London featured during those years including at Peterborough, Southampton, Leighton Buzzard, Lowestoft, Herne Bay, Brighton, Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Sheffield, Blackburn, Bradford, Keele and Chesterfield.

Russ's first experiences of DJing came as a teenager at his local youth club where he and a friend would commandeer the decks to play recently bought Northern Soul and Motown 45s. Often they'd play Northern Soul compilation LPs from start to finish. Whether other youth club members appreciated the music and the ongoing hogging of the turntables is not known!

His long-time interest in the musical output of the Loma record label not only gave him his DJ nickname, but also resulted in him creating the website Discography of Loma Records. He has a Loma Russ channel on YouTube through which he shares classic, obscure and unreleased Northern Soul, gospel and R&B-related musical gems; is responsible for the popular Facebook group, the European Soul Club Network, and has a Mixcloud channel: Loma Russ on Mixcloud.

Since moving to the Netherlands (and in easy reach of Amsterdam) in 2007, Loma Russ has DJd at Northern Soul events across the Netherlands and Belgium.

Loma Russ' current Northern Soul Amsterdam play box top five 45s are...

1. Delegates of Soul - I'll come running back (Uplook)

2. La Tribu - I don't want you more (Polydor)

3. The Gospel Pearls - Two little fishes (Liberty)

4. The Swan Silvertones – If you believe your god is dead (Hob)

5. Johnny McCall - I need you baby (Al-teen)

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